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Civil Litigation Lawyer

We offer civil litigation services in Ottawa and Toronto arising from most commercial matters involving cryptocurrency, NFTs, DAOs, blockchain, and the metaverse. The matter can be brought in forward in Small Claims Court, Ontario Superior Court or Federal Court. Please contact our team here if you would like to bring forth a cryptocurrency lawsuit. 

Small Claims Court

Small claims court has a monetary jurisdiction of up to $35,000 CAD. If you are owed or have been defrauded for this amount of money involving cryptocurrency, and are interested in bringing a cryptocurrency lawsuit in Small claims court in Toronto, Ottawa, or another city in Ontario, our team can help. 

Ontario Superior Court of Justice (ONSC)

If your claim is over $35,000 CAD or involves an injunction or other type of related Order, you may wish to bring your cryptocurrency lawsuit to Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Ottawa or Toronto. In some cases, it may be more appropriate to bring your cryptocurrency lawsuit to Federal Court which can be done in Ottawa or Toronto. To determine which option is best for you, contact our team. 

Cryptocurrency Fraud and Intellectual Property Litigation

You can learn more about our cryptocurrency fraud litigation services here. We also offer intellectual property litigation services in Ottawa or Toronto, which you can learn about here

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