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Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer

Your IP is your brand. But the ethos of decentralization is often seen as being at odds with traditional IP rights. We provide legal advice to help you find the right balance between protecting your IP, whether it’s copyright, trademark, patent, or some other form of ownership, while also allowing your Web 3.0 brand to contribute to the growth of this space. In addition to providing advice on IP protection, we can also help if you believe your IP rights have been infringed. Contact our team if you have any questions. 

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

IP protection across the globe is generally based on the same broad principles. We provide consulting and legal advice to help you determine: (1) if IP protection is needed for your Web 3.0 project; (2) if so, which form(s) of IP protection we would recommend; and (3) how we can go about the process of obtaining IP protection.  

Copyright and IP Licensing Agreements

Our team can help carefully draft your copyright and IP licensing or assignment agreements. One of our specialized offerings include NFT licensing agreements to ensure that purchasers of your NFT have IP in the art tied to their NFT but that they do not infringe on your copyright as a creator. 

Intellectual Property (IP) Litigation in Ottawa and Toronto

Whether you are an artist sharing your work on Instagram, a project that has launched their own blockchain, or an NFT project with a distinctive and recognizable feature, theft of your IP is something which carries significant moral, ethical, and financial ramifications. Please contact us if you believe your IP has been infringed and would like to start an intellectual property lawsuit in Ottawa or Toronto.

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