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Cryptocurrency Fraud

Cryptocurrency Fraud

As the blockchain ecosystem grows, instances of cryptocurrency fraud are also growing. We understand the cryptocurrency ecosystem and can help take steps to preserve evidence, freeze assets, and increases the chances of recovery flowing from cryptocurrency fraud, especially if you are located in Ottawa, Toronto, or in Ontario. If you are the victim of cryptocurrency fraud in Ontario, reach out to our team here

Tracing Cryptocurrency Funds

Cryptocurrency fraud investigations require tracing of cryptocurrency funds, between different addresses. Tracing of funds can become extremely complicated, including when funds are moved between different layers of a blockchain or bridged to different blockchains entirely. Fraudsters also use cryptocurrency mixers to obfuscate funds in an attempt to evade liability. Our firm has conducted extensive cryptocurrency tracing in previous fraud cases and can simplify tracing of these funds when presenting evidence in Court.

Mareva Injunctions

Mareva Injunctions are remedies which can freeze cryptocurrency assets in the hands of fraudsters.  Expert tracing of funds can result in funds ultimately being traced to centralized exchanges in Canada. This can help reveal the identity of the alleged fraudsters and freeze assets pending judgment. 

Anton Piller Orders

Anton Piller Orders are intended to preserve evidence. This can include physically gaining access to an alleged fraudster’s hot wallet or cold hardware wallet. Anton Piller Orders can increase the chances of recovery because they will prevent fraudsters from being able to further move cryptocurrency funds when their wallets are confiscated. 

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